User Management via API



Ensuring seamless and efficient user management is critical for operational success and security. Our platform provides two robust methods for opening and closing user accounts, catering to both automated and manual processes. Below, we outline these methods in detail.

  • API Integration Setup: Connect your workforce management system to our platform using our comprehensive API documentation. Utilize endpoints for user creation (/api/v1/users/create) and user deactivation (/api/v1/users/deactivate).
  • Automatic User Creation: When a new employee is added to the workforce system, a POST request is sent to our API. Our platform validates the request and creates a new user account with the provided details.
  • Dynamic Role Assignment: Assign roles and permissions dynamically based on the employee’s role in the workforce system. Example: A retail manager may receive access to specific retail dashboards and reports.
  • Automatic User Deactivation: When an employee leaves the company, a DELETE request is sent to our API. The user account is deactivated, and access is immediately revoked, ensuring security and compliance.
  • Real-time Synchronization: Maintain up-to-date user statuses with real-time synchronization between the workforce management system and our platform. Scheduled API calls ensure that changes in the workforce system are reflected instantaneously.