Ensuring seamless and efficient user management is critical for operational success and security. Our platform provides two robust methods for opening and closing user accounts, catering to both automated and manual processes. Below, we outline these methods in detail.

For organizations preferring manual oversight, our platform provides an intuitive admin console for user management. This method involves regular coordination with retail managers and uses a structured form request system for user creation and deactivation.

  • Weekly Coordination: Admins perform weekly checks with retail managers to identify new hires or employees leaving the organization. A designated admin updates the user records based on feedback from the retail managers.
  • Form-Based User Requests: Retail managers submit a form request for creating new user accounts. The form includes necessary details such as employee name, email, role, and department.
  • Admin Review and Approval: Admins review the submitted forms to ensure accuracy and completeness. Approved requests result in user account creation through the admin console.
  • Manual User Creation: Admins manually enter user details into the admin console. Assign appropriate roles and permissions based on the employee’s responsibilities.
  • User Deactivation: Admins receive deactivation requests via the same form-based system. Admins promptly deactivate user accounts for employees no longer with the organization, ensuring immediate access revocation.
By providing both automated and manual user management methods, our platform ensures flexibility, security, and operational efficiency. These processes are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern organizations, ensuring seamless integration and user experience. For any further technical details or support, please refer to our API documentation or contact our support team.