Client Admin Console



Ensuring seamless and efficient user management is critical for operational success and security. Our platform provides two robust methods for opening and closing user accounts, catering to both automated and manual processes. Below, we outline these methods in detail.

This method allows specific client-side admins to independently manage user accounts, providing flexibility and efficiency in user management.

  • Dedicated Admin Permissions: A specific admin from the client side is given permissions to add or remove users independently. This admin can also modify store assignments and update details for specific users, allowing for efficient and localized management.
  • User Creation and Deactivation: The dedicated client-side admin can create new user accounts by entering the necessary details directly into the admin console. User roles and permissions can be assigned or updated based on the employee’s responsibilities.
  • Store and User Details Management: The client-side admin has the authority to change store assignments for users. They can also update other details such as user roles, email addresses, and department information to ensure records are current.
By providing automated, manual, and client-side user management methods, our platform ensures flexibility, security, and operational efficiency. These processes are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern organizations, ensuring seamless integration and user experience. For any further technical details or support, please refer to our API documentation or contact our support team.