Advisory Program

Advisory Board Meeting Room


The Advisory Program aims to leverage advanced retail technology to revolutionize retail management. We seek experienced retail professionals to join our advisory team, helping to expand our reach and build our reputation globally.

Key Responsibilities

  • Sales Team Training: Equip the sales team with in-depth knowledge and skills to effectively represent and sell technology solutions.
  • Participation in Online Meetings: Engage with potential clients and partners through online meetings, providing expert insights and fostering relationships.
  • Conferences and Panels: Represent at various industry conferences and panels, promoting our vision and establishing a strong market presence.

Training Process

  • Initial Orientation: Engage in comprehensive sessions with key personnel to gain a deep understanding of products, vision, and market strategy.
  • Product Familiarization: Detailed walkthroughs of technology solutions, understanding their applications and benefits in the retail sector.
  • Sales Strategy Development: Collaborate with the team to tailor sales approaches, aligning with market needs and trends.
  • Role Play and Scenario Training: Simulated sales scenarios and role-playing exercises to refine communication and sales techniques.
  • Ongoing Education and Support: Regular updates on product developments, market trends, and strategic advisory from the leadership team.

Expected Outcomes

  • Enhanced sales team performance through effective training and strategies.
  • Increased brand visibility and reputation in the retail technology market.
  • Strengthened relationships with potential clients and partners through meaningful engagements at conferences and online meetings.


Proven experience in retail management and technology. Strong communication and presentation skills. Ability to adapt and thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.


Consulting Fee: $60 – $200 per hour, based on consultation hours.

Conference Participation: Includes flights (economy class), dining with clients, and hotel accommodations.