Case study


An Israeli accessories retailer profits from an Automated Data-Driven Task Management Tool.

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    Task Management

  • About

    TOPTEN is an Israeli accessories company founded in 2004 to maintain quality and make sure every aspect of a person gets upgraded to the right accessory at the most affordable price. Every week presents new accessories that convey the global trends of the moment: jewelry, bags, scarves, swimsuits, hair accessories, sunglasses, hats, and all you can dream of.

  • Company size

    About 70 stores


An Israeli accessories retailer profits from an Automated Data-Driven Task Management Tool, allowing them to connect data & insights to store associates easily and intuitively and guarantee stores are set & ready to meet customers’ expectations.


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The challenge


  • TOPTEN was looking for technology to help them deal with data analysis and improve performance instead of hiring costly data analysts.


  • Stores were not fulfilling the tasks on time or not at all, and with 30%-40% wrong implementation of It mainly affects their VM significantly.

Store Force

  • 10%-15% of store managers are leaving their job every month. With new managers, sales are usually down, at least as a start. TOPTEN was looking for a tool to help them automatically arm the store managers with the most relevant set of recommendations and guide them to perform at their best from day one.
  • District managers invest too much time in chasing after tasks completion and stores’ execution instead of focusing on data, reports, and sales improvement.
  • District Managers invest too many resources to prepare themselves for store visits, from looking for the correct reports and analyzing the data to create relevant insights for every store separately.

Our solution

We are helping retail managers at all levels become better managers, and improve performance.

We developed an algorithm that identifies incidents that impact each store’s revenues, alerts the store manager, and guides him to fix them – all with no human involvement.

We implement it in a task management tool explicitly designed for the retail market and create an Automated Data-Driven Task Management Tool that functions as a one-stop-shop and centralize:

  1. All communications and operations
  2. Data analytics and sales improvement
  3. Store force empowerment.

And guides all managers to excellence!

The results

By using STOREE, TOPTEN’s management can:

  1. Analyze thousands of data points and identify incidents that impact revenues in every store without hiring data analysts.
  2. Convert issues to sales-increasing insights and tasks, deliver them to the store manager, and guarantee they perform at their best – all with no human involvement.
  3. Automated money mapping of planograms and promotions with personalized recommendations to improve performance.
  4. Centralize & improve communications, expedite business processes and inspire the staff to be better at their job.
  5. Automatically track & monitor in-store execution and guarantee they reach full compliance with HQ guidelines.
  6. Save precious time for retail managers at all levels, reduce operating costs and increase