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In the rapidly evolving digital marketplace, STOREE.AI emerges as a transformative platform for managing retail networks. Our Affiliate Program is designed to empower affiliate managers and their teams to leverage this cutting-edge technology, fostering growth and maximizing earnings through innovative strategies and teamwork.

Program Overview

At the heart of STOREE.AI is a commitment to revolutionizing retail management. Our platform, accessible via desktop and mobile, offers advanced tools for optimizing processes, enhancing performance, and boosting sales team motivation.

The Affiliate Sales Stand Structure

Our unique ‘Affiliate Sales Stand’ comprises an affiliate manager and up to three affiliates. This structure not only facilitates lead generation and conversion but also magnifies the earning potential through collaborative efforts and strategic revenue sharing.

Earnings Breakdown

Affiliate Manager

  • Direct Earnings: For direct lead conversions, managers receive a 20% commission. Assuming an average client payment of $2,000, a manager earns $400 monthly per client, totaling $9,600 over the first 24 payments.
  • Team Earnings: By sharing 10% with affiliates for their client acquisitions, managers gain additional revenue from their team’s success. Each affiliate’s conversion adds $100 to the manager’s monthly earnings per client.

Individual Affiliate

  • Earnings from Conversions: Affiliates, under the manager’s guidance, earn by securing clients. With a suggested 10% share from the manager, an affiliate earns $200 monthly per $2,000 client payment, totaling $4,800 over 24 payments.
  • Potential Earnings with an Affiliate Sales Stand For the Manager: From direct sales: $9,600 (one client). From team efforts: Additional $7,200 (assuming each of the three affiliates secures one client). Total Potential: $16,800+ for managing a successful stand with four clients (including the manager’s direct client) over 24 payments.
  • For Each Affiliate: $4,800 from one client over 24 payments.


STOREE.AI’s Affiliate Program isn’t just about earning commissions; it’s about being part of a revolution in retail management. With our advanced tools and data-driven insights, affiliates have a unique opportunity to contribute to transforming the retail landscape.

Join Us

Become a part of our journey today. Whether you’re an aspiring affiliate manager looking to build your team or an individual affiliate ready to make your mark, STOREE.AI offers the platform, support, and potential you need to succeed.


The STOREE.AI Affiliate Program offers a dynamic pathway to success, blending innovative technology with lucrative earning opportunities. By participating as an affiliate manager or an affiliate, you’re not just joining a program; you’re embarking on a journey to redefine retail management and unlock unprecedented earnings potential.