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As entrepreneurs, we are committed to challenging the status quo in all that we do, and our goal is to show you how retail management can be done differently.

Our algorithms have proven capable of handling many tasks and decisions managers face today. It has the power to either support or remove the managers’ obligation to do so.


Automated Retail Processes


Enhance Tasks Completion


Boost Sales Of Focus Items

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It's easy to integrate and easy to use!

Unleash The Full Potential Of Your Data

Manage your revenues as a full process

Maximize Sales Opportunities!

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Feel Like You're Playing A Game

Focus On What Crucial

Digitize 100% of your In-Retail Processes

A New Generation Of Task Management Platform

Automate Your Processes To Save Up To 60% Of Your Time

Easy integration!

How to Use STOREE

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"At Gade, we strive to create a positive work environment that motivates and engages our employees on a daily basis. STOREE smart solutions gives Gade's managers a means of keeping their energy up and in sync."

Nati Singer

Trade Manager, GADE

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"Thanks to STOREE's algorithm, our managers have a clear understanding of the performance of their stores, so they can provide relevant feedback which allows them to boost their teams."

Nissim Parienti

VP Of Commerce, Good Pharm

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"While in retail industry floor sales teams have high trend turnovers, it's important that the guidelines are followed in every store. With STOREE we've been able to improve store communication, automate processes, and improve efficiency."

Neta Hirshson Barzilay

Chain Store Manager, Top Ten

"Our partnership with STOREE is helping us improve our management team, who make Hoodies work. By using the platform, employees can access professional training resources, allowing them to advance personally and professionally. "

Itay Hasson

Chain Store Manager, Hoodies

"STOREE made it easy for us to manage our stores across the country. Monitoring compliance in real-time gives us a better idea of where we are strong and where we need to improve. "



"STOREE is one of the best innovations that has happened to ALM. As a result, compliance is improved as well as time being saved by an employee being always in the right place at the right time."



"Some platforms are just for analytics or task management. STOREE takes all of that and makes it a platform for continuous improvement. It's easy to see the improvement progress of our company from day one using the system."



"STOREE made a significant impact on us even within the first few weeks. Using it is incredibly easy. The team loves that it's mobile, and it's all done in real-time so they can take action based on smart insights."